You deserve it!

Jacob Zauche, Image Consultant at Trixies

Now that the holidays are passing by, we know we’ve spent a lot of time in stores, and it seems like every time we check out there is always a reward program to sign up for. If you’re like myself, you always sign up with the hope of one day getting the great discount code or free items. Yet in the end, I’m sure you have felt the same disappointment when your points have expired or are only good on some product that would never serve you. We all deserve our rewards and to choose rewards that serve us! Aveda Pure Privilege is a product reward program that actually gives you what you deserve!

Let me lay out the facts for you on the rewards and potential Aveda Pure Privilege has for you!

– Your points never expire!

– 10 points for every $1.00 dollar spent on products in-store or online

– One time $10 enrollment fee

– Receive a Birthday gift, a 23 dollar value, which instantly returns your enrollment investment

– Points are redeemable at your favorite salon, aka Trixies Salon!

– Get invited to exclusive double points events throughout the year

– Redeem your points on seven tiers of gifts, which range from products to salon services

– The highest tier includes an all inclusive stay at Sugar Ridge Antigua Resort (

– And Tricia will sing to any client who signs up for Pure Privilege during January

This all seem like a lot and it should! Because every customer that buys Aveda is doing more than just buying product: you are supporting fair trade sourced ingredients, access to clean water, cruelty free product testing, protecting the bees, breast cancer research, and the list goes on and on! At Aveda we believe our products should do more then what you feel on you hair and skin.

When all is said and done, I have seen first hand how Pure privilege has benefitted my clients, allowing them to get their favorite product with perks! So if you’re a product junkie like myself, don’t waste any time and stop in to any of our three Trixies Salon locations today to sign up.


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