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Some of you may have heard whispers or noticed swag around Trixies Salon for Dream Catchers and thought to yourself, “what is Dream Catchers?” The simple answer is this: Dream Catchers Foundation is Tricia Rivas’ newest venture, an official non-profit touching hearts of individuals around Iowa. Please read more about the Foundation’s vision and mission below!

Also, consider yourself invited to the offical kickoff party and ribbon cutting for Dream Catchers. Please join us for this awesome event celebrating the Board’s hard work:

“Sometimes something as simple as a haircut can make someone feel stronger and more beautiful. Dream Catchers volunteers have seen this first hand. That, and how a little bit of lip gloss can brighten the day of a little child that is sick. Or how a simple clean shave can make any man feel confident in his ability to take on the day. It was all of these sparks that ignited the vision of the Dream Catchers Foundation.

Dream Catcher volunteers provide services such as shaving, haircuts, and yes, even the occasional superhero mask to those of all ages battling a chronic or terminal illness. They aspire to give back strength to those who may have lost some during their fight. The Dream Catcher Foundation’s mission is to rejuvenate the spirit through human touch for men, women and children. After all, everyone deserves to feel beautiful.”

Mission:To rejuvenate the spirit through human touch for men, women, and children.

Vision:Catching inner beauty.

Values:Strength, Beauty, Community

The Story of the Dream Catcher
According to legend, dreams are messages from sacred spirits. The hole in the center of the web allows good dreams through while bad dreams are trapped in the web until they disappear in the morning sun. Dream catchers are believed to bless the “sleeping one” with pleasant dreams, good luck and harmony.

Tricia Rivas, owner of Trixie’s Salon, has always had a passion for giving back to the community. Tricia used her skills as a licensed beauty professional to donate salon services to Hospice of Central Iowa, the women’s shelter in Des Moines, and also to Des Moines veterans. To make a greater impact, Tricia encouraged her staff at Trixie’s Salon to donate their talents to organizations in the Des Moines community. Together, Tricia and her team started volunteering to help brighten someone’s day with a fresh haircut or a little lip gloss, and it turned into something much more.

The services Tricia and the Trixie’s staff provided not only brightened someone’s day, they helped improve self-confidence of people that were terminally or chronically ill, as well as those who had hit a rough spot in life and had ended up on the street. They were providing a service that helped someone say: “I look good!” or “I feel good!” They were providing services that really made a difference.

Wanting to do more, Tricia started weaving the web for Dream Catchers. After assembling a Board of Directors and months of hard work, the idea of Dream Catchers came to life and became an official non-profit organization. It is the only non-profit of its kind in Central Iowa that provides salon services for men, women, and children that are chronically and terminally ill, as well as their caregivers.

Who founded Dream Catchers?
Although it was a collaborative effort, the original idea was formed by Tricia Rivas, licensed beauty professional and owner of Trixies Salon. She saw what an impact she had volunteering with groups like Hospice of Central Iowa and wanted to help more.

When was Dream Catchers founded?
Dream Catchers became an official 501(c)(3) organization in 2015.

Where is Dream Catchers located? What areas does it serve?
Dream Catchers is located in Des Moines, Iowa and serves clients across Central Iowa.

Who does Dream Catchers benefit?
Dream Catchers serves men, women, and children suffering from a terminal or chronic illness, as well as their caregivers.

How does Dream Catchers connect with clients?
Clients are nominated by family, friends, nurses, doctors, or anyone who wants to help them see their beauty during their fight.

What is the Dream Bags program?
The Dream Bags program helps our guests continue their beauty care in between visits from our Professionals. A Dream Bag contains items such as shampoo and conditioner, styling products, manicure tools, makeup, perfumes, makeup brushes, hand and body lotions, and dream catchers.*
*Each bag is unique and may include any of these items, but not all of them.

How do I volunteer?
Dream Catchers is looking for 3 types of volunteers: licensed beauty professionals, volunteers to offer companionship to clients, and volunteers to help with events, fundraising and office work.

To volunteer, please contact Tricia Rivas at info@dreamcatchersfoundationinc.org.

Can I make a donation?
Absolutely! Monetary donations will be used for pop up salon events, extra goodies for the Dream Bags, volunteer appreciation days, media kits, marketing supplies, and Dream Catchers insurance.
We also accept beauty product donations. All product donations will be used for our Dream Bag.

How to Contact

Media Contact:

Tricia Rivas



Mailing Address:

PO Box 36682
Des Moines, Iowa 50315



Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dream-Catchers-Foundation-Inc/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dream-catchers-foundation-inc-?trk=biz-companies-cym

Instagram: @dreamcatchersfoundationinc

Twitter: @jrivas761

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