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The following article came across my facebook newfeed the other day and as I read through, every word rang true. I also realized a lot of the information was more insider insights, and there is no reason it shouldn’t be shared with our loving guests. The original article can be found here, and don’t judge me for sharing rather than rewriting (as I am fairly certain they said it better than I could have). Enjoy!! –its a bit long, but worth the read, I promise!

Top Reasons Why You Should Purchase Haircare Products from Your Stylist and NOT the Drugstore!

The biggest complaint we hear from our guests about their hair is that they cannot produce the same results at home as their stylist does in the salon. We do our best to educate everyone on how to style their hair at home, and with that comes a recommendation for the shampoo, conditioner and styling aids we’ve used to create that look you love.

Yet, most salons in our industry only sell our recommended hair care brands to 30% of our guests. Now we know the remaining 70% of our customers are at least shampooing their hair on a regular basis.

So why do they trust their stylist with the shaping, styling and coloring of their hair but not with their home care needs?

We can’t be sure what everyone thinks about the subject, but we thought it would be helpful for us to explain why it really DOES matter what products you buy as well as where you buy them.

Here’s our top reasons why you should consider purchasing your hair care items from your stylist and not somewhere else:

1. Salon products ARE better: Generally, professional products use gentler surfactants (cleansers), are more concentrated, and have higher levels of ingredients that produce true results.

Of any person, hair stylists see what damaging effects occur when guests use “drug store” brands (this includes that “natural” stuff you get at Wholefoods). We also see what miracles can happen when a guest uses our recommended brands.

It’s always baffled us as to how many guests think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on their hair color and cuts, but yet choose to “care” for their hair with cheap, random stuff found at a drug store. You wouldn’t wash your Calvin Klein silk shirt in Palmolive hand soap would you? Why would you take that risk with your hair?

2. Cheap brands are watered down: Drug store brands can make a big bottle seem cheap, when in actuality it’s diluted too much to give you the results you’re seeking. Our products have higher concentrations of quality active ingredients in order to maximize the effects on your hair. This will allow you to use less and receive more noticeable results. You may spend more on the bottle because the ingredients are higher quality and more concentrated, but you’ll replace it less frequently which means you’ll end up saving money.

3. Environmental Concerns (this especially applies here at Trixies, as we are Aveda): Cheaply made products result in harm to the environment due to higher energy wasting and excess landfill waste. The product lines we carry consider their impact on the environment and those who use their products. They use less plastic and paper from recycled sources, power their facilities by wind and solar, use environmentally safe, organic and sustainable ingredients in addition to organizing and investing in environmental efforts to help offset their carbon footprint. Now that’s something to stand behind. Bet you didn’t know you could benefit the planet while buying shampoo!

4. No Guarantee: Your stylist is the only one who is knowledgeable enough to know which shampoo, conditioner and styling products are right for your hair texture, density, life style and desired result. When you buy in a drug store, you’re taking a guess and more than likely spending money on items that won’t give you the results you need. We know our brands and guarantee you will love the hair care you purchase from us. If not, bring it back and we will try something new½so there’s no risk at all.

5. Invest in your local hair salon: If you love your stylist and your salon, you’ll be happy to hear that purchasing your home care items from them is actually how they stay in business and are able to afford their supplies, tools and continuing education. The money you spend on your services barely covers the overhead of a healthy salon business. (I know, shocking isn’t it?) It’s your home care purchases that afford us the resources we need to grow and continue to improve the service experience you’ve come to enjoy. You can feel good about spending your money at a place that really matters to you, and help support the local economy.

6. You don’t know what’s REALLY in that bottle: Retailers that are not hair salons are not legally allowed to sell salon brand products. This means they often obtain these brands from wholesalers who go out of business or have shady business practices (notice how they never have an entire product line in stock, only bits and pieces).

The products you love may be well beyond their expiration date, left sitting in a hot warehouse for “who knows how long”, or even diluted or tampered with.

I can tell you first hand that I found a whole shelf of Aveda gels at CVS (priced exactly the same as in the salon) that were yellow in color. I’ve worked with Aveda long enough to know that gel is supposed to be clear. Ew, gross!

I also have a friend who used to buy her Bumble and Bumble online because she could get the liter sizes and save $5 to $10. She used the same conditioner for years getting consistent results until the last bottle she bought tangled her hair instantly and made it feel dry and brittle. After I spoke with her about it and explained that these items can easily be tampered with (think about it, none of them are sealed before use), she agreed it wasn’t worth saving $10 if she couldn’t even guarantee the conditioner she loved was what’s inside the bottle.

Some of the largest professional brands in our industry are amongst the most frequently diverted. Many of these companies have spent millions of dollars in research to help battle this illegal activity and in doing so, they’ve uncovered alarming facts.

Not only were their products being sold at drugstores and big box stores often expired, but they found many of them were filled with bacteria and some were even replaced completely with cheap lotions and creams trying to pass for the salon brand conditioner you thought you were buying!

We know everyone wants to save money where they can, but the prices at these places are rarely different than ours in salon. And buying from your stylist is truly the only way to know what you’re spending your money on.

***We hope this helps shed some light on the subject of why it’s important to buy your hair care products from your stylist. And we especially hope to inspire that 70% of you to trust us and let us make a recommendation for you.

Our mission is two fold½We want to continue to grow our business and ourselves as artists so we can continue to impress you and provide you with the highest quality of service in the salon. And we want everyone to quit complaining about how their hair never looks this good at home.;)We are not magicians, we are educated in what we do and want nothing more than to share our knowledge with you, if you’ll just give us a chance we’re certain you’ll see the benefit.

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