what does $12 mean to you…

Earth Month festivities are in full swing here at Trixies! [yes, we know earth day is next month but its close to our hearts and our focus extends through march and april] our local partner is again the Audubon Society of Iowa and most donations will be going to support their amazing projects, including what we raise at our silent auction and “Playing Our Part” 2nd annual benefit concert [details coming soon!] supporting local is essential because it directly affects us, but what about helping the people who cant help themselves…

Aveda partners with Global Greengrants Fund for water projects around the world and the monies for Global Greengrants comes from one specific form of donation: the Light the Way Candle. please forgive the fact that this video does a much better job of explaining the importance of these candles and their impact than i ever could with words: (seriously, click on the video. its a must watch and i cant get it to load in the blog – im technically challenged)

Earth Month Video – Global Greengrants and Aveda.

so what does $12 mean to you? a carry-out pizza… a couple days of designer coffees… the new justin timberlake album on itunes…
lets be honest. $12 isnt that much. here’s what $12 means to someone else:

your purchase of a $12 Light the Way Candle can:

  • *provide a YEAR’S supply of drinking water for a person living in Madagascar. A YEAR.
  • *buy 8 meters of piping to transport drinking water in Morocco.
  • *supply a year of water conservation, health and hygiene education for a family in India.
  • *hire an activist to fight construction of a dam that would flood her community in Chile.

$12… not much to most of us, but kind of a big deal to a lot of other people…

visit Trixies Salon anytime in the next month and pick up your candle because beauty is as beauty does… do good = feel good.


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