What can you do in 8 hours?

Our lives tend to wiz by us and 8 hours can fly by like 30 mins. Too often we have to compromise our self-care routine for quick fixes to maintain the look of our skin and makeup. This doesn’t have to be the case with Aveda’s newFeed my Lipslip products. Aveda has created a lip routine that is easy to fit into your everyday life and will give you a sustainable lip color for 8 hours.

Photo courtesy of Janell Geason

At Trixies, we always close our services with a makeup finishing touch, because nothing tops off an amazing hair style than a beautiful lip! Aveda’s newFeed my Lipsis not only a lip color but a complete lip experience that includes four steps to create 8 hours of soft, nourished, and rich lip color. Let’s break down the steps of Aveda’sFeed my Lips.We have: Treat, Prime, Line, and Color. Starting withTreat,we are prepping the lips with Aveda’s pure nourish-mint lip treatment. This colorless balm moisturizes dry lips to give the proper nourishment for the lips day or night.Next wePrimewith Aveda’s pure nourish-mint lip primer. This provide smooth lips, creating a long-wearing base for lip liners and colors.

Photo courtesy of Janell GeasonLineis our next step, which uses one of our 8 new, long-wearing pure nourish-mint lip liners. These liners are designed with a non-feathering and conditioning formula that allow artists and guests to create a clean, precise lip. Finally we haveColorwith Aveda’s pure nourish-mint lipstick, which is available in 23 rich, long-wearing colors with a satin finish. These are packed with some rock star ingredients, including certified organic cupuacu butter and certified organic peppermint, vanilla, and ginger for an uplifting and fresh aroma. These will help you create the prefect lip color to complement your hair color and skin tone!Photo courtesy of Janell Geason

Check out this video here with Aveda Artist and Director of Makeup, Janell Geason, to see the whole experience and one of the beautiful color combinations ofFeed my Lip.Then pop on in to Trixies to try a fun combination out on yourself! Because whether your’re rushing to work in the morning or headed out for a night on the town, Aveda’sFeed my Lipsis just what you will need to finish off your look! -Jacob

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