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Brittany Graham, Trixies Salon – Southside Location


Warm Up the Iowa Weather with Summer Hair

I know it feels like Winter has just begun with all the lovely weather we’ve had this past couple of months. We definitely have more chilly weather coming our way. It’s such a weird time of year; besides the crazy amount of Valentines Day chocolates and teddy bears on store shelves, I’ve also noticed swimsuits and Spring clothes filling the aisles already. We’ll be soaking up the sun and sitting by the pool before you know it! Before you start planning your summer getaway, you might want to consider what your summer hair goals are… Do you want to lighten up with just a few highlights? Or do you want to be all-over blonde?

Getting the Perfect Blonde Hair Shade Takes Time

If you, like most clients, want to lighten up and have bright healthy blonde locks, I have some news for you: you might want to start ASAP! Depending on your current hair color (and if you have any color on your hair), your blonde will probably take multiple sessions to get to. It is best to go low and slow with lightener to avoid damage. Kim Kardashian might go blonde in one day, but she had to cut it all off! To keep hair healthy during the road to blonde, I would definitely recommend a deep conditioning treatment at each appointment and grabbing some salon quality protein-rich hair products. (Aveda’s Damage Remedyline is my go to!) Once you get to your dream hair, make sure you maintain it to keep that color gorgeous and bright. Aveda’sBlue Malvais great in between appointments to keep brass at bay. Also, make sure you set up your next appointment to keep up with it! Ask your stylist when you should be back in for a touch up and a gloss.

So if you’re thinking about a hair change once it starts getting sunny, start ASAP! Come in for a consultation so we can start planning what will be best for you and your hair.

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