Tuesday’s Tip: How to Wash Your Hair Less

second day hair [[its a thing. google it]] doesn’t have to be a greasy ponytail or a hat day. here is my stylist confession: I wash my hair about once a week. I can usually go somewhere between 5to 7 days and can wear it down for at least the first 3-4. before you say “eww” and I lose you, let me tell you why its a good thing not to wash your locks daily. its good for your hair and its good for your pocketbook [[and I get just as many compliments on day 4 and I do on day 1]]. now Im not trying to convert you to the once-a-week-club by any means, but if you wash and style your hair every day, I bet I can teach you a trick or two to help you skip a day.

why its good for your hair: most shampoos, especially drugstore ones, contain harsh surfactants that, yes,clean your hair, but also strip anything and everything out of it (including color). then some follow that up with a conditioner that is full of wax and silicone just to hide the fact that the shampoo was basically full of detergent. that wax and silicone will make your hair soft and silky for a while, until it starts to build up. then it will look dull and heavy and greasy. icky. think of your hair as your favorite shirt: will it look its best if you wash and dry it daily? or will it start to fade and get frayed edges?

why its good for your pocketbook: this is obvious. you wouldn’t be going through your products as quickly. not to mention that you will likely be blow-drying and styling less, so not only are you saving on time, but you’re saving your hair from that heat damage and can maybe go a couple more weeks between cuts or colors because you aren’t washing it down the drain.

tips and techniques:
it starts in the shower! using good shampoo and conditioner is a big part of this. using pantene, dove, suave, etc. is not going to cut it. I have used pantene and even with my skills, I was greasy by the end of the day ((see the blog about that experiment HERE)). also there is a technique to washing those locks: shampoothe roots. condition the ends. you would be surprised at the number of people rubbing shampoo between their hands and gathering up the ends and making a tangley, soapy mess without even getting the roots. then following that with half a palm full of conditioner that they run directly into their hairline and all over the roots and scalp. tisk – tisk – tisk. that will not do…
*blow it dry! while there are styles that air-drying works well with, most people will need to get some product and heat into that hair to pump it up and give it life if they want to go more than a day between washes.
*products can change your life! a volumizing spray or mousse before blow-drying anda good ol’ dry shampoo can work wonders. don’t expect your hair to do it on its own. there are shelves and shelves of hair products for a reason: the “wash and go” hairstyle is a fairy tale. most heads of hair need either product to support the style or styling tools ((and most need both!)). here are my Aveda product recommendations: pure abundance shampoo and conditioner, pure abundance style prep, and air control hairspray. these products will help extend your time betweenwashes. ask us how!

it will take some patience, training, and maybe even some optical illusions to extend that wash… but its do-able.
Here are some final tips from me: I can go longer with my hair curled than if its flat ironed. If I don’t have any dry shampoo on hand, I use baby powder. I shampoo twice in the shower if its really dirty. And a messy updo or sock bun always look chic for that last day!

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