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Hi, I’m Steph. I am a Certified Health Coach, Wife, and Mom of three. I teach busy working moms how to bring wholesome meals back to the dinner table. I believe it is possible to reach our health goals naturally by using delicious fresh foods the way they were intended to be eaten.

I am excited to collaborate with Tricia and the rest of the Trixie’s family as we move into 2019. Through workshops, group and individual coaching services, delicious recipes, and much more, R3 Wellness + Trixies will provide you with everything you need to start the year off right. Not only will you look your best, but you will feel better than you have in years!

Do you feel stuck?

Do you wake up tired even after a full night of sleep?

Do you lack the energy to get through the day without a cup of coffee or a sugary drink in the afternoon?

Do you feel like there is no time in your busy day to make healthy meals for your family?

Are you tired of diets and programs that leave you feeling deprived and stressed out about what you can and cannot eat during the day?


I have struggled with weight and body image for as long as I can remember. What I thought was just “curvy” was more…it was fat. As a teenager, I was not able to excel at sports and it was then, that my weight began to take a toll on my body and my self-esteem.

Even as an adult, as I faced life challenges, I always turned to food as my comfort. The scale hit 200 lbs. The stress and anxiety only made matters worse. Not to mention, my eating habits were non-existent. I was an adult of convenience and fast foods.

It was only when the scale hit nearly 250 pounds that I faced the fact that something had to change. My husband was thinner than me. My children were starting to learn and emulate my poor food choices. The time was now…

After the traditional weight loss means and all the yo-yo dieting, I found a new way which changed my life. It was then that I began to study this approach and became a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I am far from perfect. But what I learned was that through a positive mindset, wholesome nutrition, and healthy movement, I am reaching my health goals and instilling positive behaviors with my loved ones.C:UsersOwnertDropboxabout you nowClean Eating System - Winter 2018Detox RockstarBusiness15 Recipe PhotosRoasted Root Vegetables with Salmon and Parsley Salad.jpg

Most days my life is chaotic, chasing kids, running a business, husband working late – again…my life is REAL just like yours. Sustainable health is not about short-lived extreme diets or recipes with ingredients you can’t easily find. R3 Wellness is about helping you reach your goals with your life in mind.

My approach to wellness is simple. Lasting change takes time. Time to change unhealthy behaviors. Time to listen to our body. Time to understand how the food we eat impacts our body, mind, and soul. This approach is the foundation of R3 Wellness. No fancy diets or exercise plans. No crazy food or recipes you can’t pronounce or find in the grocery store. R3 Wellness helps you work towards the best version of you in a natural, healthy, and REAL way.

Join me, Tricia, and the rest of the Trixie’s family in our first online program starting in February – Love Yourself Healthy! Thirteen weeks of learning how to make you and your health a priority from the comfort of your own home. Early bird registration opens January 7th!

Follow along with our journey and check out more…

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