Trixies X Kansas City Fashion Week

When we think of fashion week, our minds automatically go to New York, Paris, or Milan. I’m sure you wouldn’t think of Kansas City. That might have been the census a couple years ago, but not anymore. The wicked minds that are spearheading Kansas City fashion week are kicking ass and taking names!Trixies has had the pleasure to work with Vilma Subel and her talented team from Xiphium, located in Leawood, Kansas, the past couple seasons. This year was the icing on the cake as Aveda was a first time sponsor! We also had the honor of having students from the Aveda Institute that were hand selected to come and assist. They did an amazing job!

Xiphium Salon, Jessica Griffin, and I worked the Friday night fashion show at Union Station. We had the pleasure of working with the very talented Asiatica and Amina Marie Millinery teams. Asiatica is elegant Japanese-inspired clothing. Each piece is methodically tailored to fit the body. There wasn’t a piece I didn’t fall in LOVE with. Amina Marie Millinery is bringing back the elegance of handmade headwear and hats. Again, I wanted to have every single piece for my closet.

Kansas City Fashion Week is the place to be if you ever get the chance to attend. They have the best of the best out there showcasing their work. Many of the designers also have store fronts now that we can shop from. Win win for us all!

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