Beauty Salon Top 3 Questions… Answered!

Tricia Rivas, Trixies Salon in Des Moines


Hello luvs!!! I’m here to answer some questions that I know our guests at Trixies feel embarrassed asking sometimes; as just this week I was asked multiple times about tipping and price increases for our Des Moines Salons

So, if they have those questions, we know many others do also! Here’s theTop 3 QuestionsI get asked at Trixies. Let me ease some of the anxiety for you. ♥️♥️

1. Should I tip the owner of the salon if she/he does hair?

For me personally, I don’t want my guests to tip. It’s just more I have to claim at the end of the year. Lol!! But really, I don’t expect to get tipped as the owner of an employee based salon. ♥️

2. Is it better to leave a cash tip for the stylists in the salon?

We always tell our guests to do what is convenient for them IF they would like to leave a gratuity for their stylists. We personally know people don’t carry around cash anymore; it’s all credit card and debit card based. We also don’t rely on tips from our guests. We truly do feel at Trixie’s it’s a privilege to have you in our chair!! ♥️

3. Why does my stylist’s prices go up every year?

At Trixie’s this is how your stylist gets a raise. We are a commission based salon: that means that our stylists are not paid hourly. They’re paid a percentage of what they charge behind the chair. Each year our stylists are given goals that they and myself set. If they meet these goals, they get to raise their prices based on those goals being met. These goals can include meeting their service and retail goal, education attended, volunteer hours, and what I like most of all is their personal goals they’ve set for themselves and met!!! ♥️

We love receiving and answering questions from our salon guests, especially questions that some might feel uneasy asking. You don’t know unless you ask and I’m sure most of you know it takes a lot to offend us at Trixie’s. So please don’t ever feel embarrassed asking.♥️♥️

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