Trixies Takes on NYC!

Do you ever have a moment of ugly crying because your heart is so full of pride, gratitude, and love???Well, this past weekend at Intercoiffure’s Fall Atelier in New York City was that kind of moment for me. I looked over at my team and then around the room and couldn’t believe that we were there. We were among the best of the best in the hair industry. We were meeting those that we’ve looked up to our whole careers. From the moment we sat down, the education, speakers, and experience is something we will never forget… and we can’t wait to share everything with our guests!

You may remember a past blog entry of our acceptance announcement. This event was our first as official members of the elite! Being a member of Intercoiffure brings so many benefits for us as a team, such as hands-on training, business training, and learning about new products. We feel blessed to now be a part of the Intercoiffure family!

Still wonder what Intercoiffure is? “Intercoiffure is the most powerful and influential organization in the hair dressing industry. Only the highest prized leading hair salon owners hold membership into this organization. The Intercoiffure organization determines the standards of our industry and shares this responsibility with membership from over 50 other countries…” Learn more and see some amazing work from members here!

Here are some highlights from the girls at the Gala and Tricia during the pinning ceremony! xoxo

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