Trixies Pricing Breakdown! Your roadmap to Pinterest-worthy hair

money piece with fashion color by katie baumert

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What does all of this mean? Today, color appointments at the salon aren’t always your quick in and out, throw on the bleach, put ya under the dryer, tease it up and you’re good to go type of deal!

Those days are gone. With the vast variety of options out there, we wanted to take the opportunity to go over some of the hair color transformations we do and see daily and what goes into them, so you know more of what to expect at your next visit with us.

Here are 6 trending looks that we’re doing often here at Trixies, as well as a breakdown for each one:

Prices listed are *starting prices, some team members have higher pricing for services. All of these are customized services. We can always give options for different pricing points! We believe in transparency and wanted to demonstrate what a transformation vs a maintenance appointment might look like…



Full highlight/lowlight and haircut – $145

Product charge for 2nd color – $10

Gloss/Toner – $30

Deep Conditioning treatment – $20

Total Time – 2.5 hours   Total Price –  $205

Maintenance – 6-8 weeks due to being light naturally.

*This time and price would have increased significantly for hair that was longer and thicker. This was only achieved in that time and for that total because she was already blonde, had she started brown and wanted that color, it wouldn’t have been achievable in one appointment.*



before the process of going lighter

*Multi step appointment – starting point, first appointment, and second appointment pictured.

Specialty color – 3 hours – $195

Haircut – $30

Gloss/toner x 2 – $60

Deep conditioning treatment – $20

Product Charge – $40

Total time – 4.5 hours  Total Price – $350, Total Investment – $700

Maintenance – gloss every 4 weeks, highlight at 12 weeks.

*This guest wanted to embrace her natural salt and pepper hair. It will take one more appointment to get to a better salt and pepper color, but this is great for now! Transitioning to natural takes a lot of time in the chair and is an investment. Multiple step appointments is always our recommendation for healthier hair!



Tricia’s maintenance breakdown:

Color retouch and haircut – $91

Partial highlight – $85

Gloss/Toner – $30

Product Charge – $10

Express Keratin Treatment – $75 

Brow tint and wax – $45

Total time – 3 hours   Total Price – $336

Maintenance – 8 weeks.


Fashion color money piece: 

Face frame highlight – $65

Glossing treatment – $30

Vibrant Product Charge – $14

Deep conditioning treatment – $20

Total time – 1.5-2 hours  Total Price – $130

Maintenance – every 4 weeks for the pink. (this guest also gets a full highlight for her bright blonde)

**Fashion colors will fade with every wash. They will also fade with heat styling and even in the sun! They need to be washed with cold water, preferably only washed once a week. Even with the best maintenance, vibrancy and shine will likely be gone or very pastel within 4 weeks. Pastel fashion colors last 1-2 washes. All of these “rules” apply to icy blonde color as well as fashion colors.



color is applied on roots and hair is processing beige toned blonde hair, after

Blonde color correction:

Specialty color/color correction – 2 hours – $130

Color cleanse on silver ends – $35

Haircut – $30

Shadow root – $30

Gloss/Toner – $30

Deep conditioning treatment – $20

Product charge – $30

Total time – 3.5 hours  Total price – $305

Maintenance – platinum blonde guests need to be back for a retouch in 3-4 weeks, any longer and it turns into a correction like this one. Normal color maintenance would be $150.



Lisa loves balayage

This picture was borrowed from @Lisalovesbalayage

Her description says – 15 bowls of lightener, 3 toners, and 7 hours. This before and after would be a pretty common type of request for us. That kind of color perfection takes time and that 7 hour appointment would cost anywhere between $600 and $850 at Trixies. This picture is simply for awareness! This type of blonde correction and transformation cannot be achieved in a 2-3 hour appointment for $200-$300. A beautiful natural highlight could be a perfect first step to the after but there would still be warmth and darkness at the root… just something to think about!

Do these prices and descriptions surprise you?

Pinterest has been a blessing and a curse for our industry. We absolutely love the endless options that people have access to for searching for their dream hair. Who remembers when it was a couple photo books of haircuts in the waiting area and a swatch book of tiny pieces of fake hair to choose from?! The generations that only grew up with social media leading their hair dreams wouldn’t even know what I am talking about! “Pinterest” hair and Instagram influencer hair does not take 2 hours and does not cost $150… but we want to give you your dream hair!!! Have you ever brought in a picture and heard, “we can’t do that today, but we can work towards that.” Sometimes that is the best thing to do for your hair… but sometimes your appointment was only booked for a shorter window and that is all there was time for that appointment, or maybe you were on a time crunch and needed to be done by X to pick up the kids or head to the ball fields, or maybe there was some sticker shock with the price quote for the new hair in the picture. All of these are common!

The BEST thing to do if you are wanting a transformation or to change it up, is to schedule a complimentary consultation.

During the consultation we will sit down with you and go over everything: check out all of your pictures, give our recommendations customized to you, pricing and investment, maintenance for your new hair, homecare products, and be able to book an appointment with the perfect amount of time for your transformation. You know Trixies loves a good before and after and we would be happy to customize a perfect appointment for your perfect hair. Xoxo

Let’s get the process started!


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