Trixies Points of Difference.

Whether you are new to Trixies or have been a guest with us for five years, do you ever think about what makes our little Aveda salon on the south side of Des Moines special? Why take a chance on us; what makes our salon different from every other salon you’ve visited? Here at Trixies, we pride ourselves on being unique! We are doing things a little differently around here and want to share some of those points of difference with you.

  • Color Lounge area with a fun Menu: something fun that has become a staple in our culture is our color lounge menu. Every guest that is receiving a color service here is presented a menu during their processing time where they can choose two complimentary services to be done while they process. Choices include hand massage, blue oil shoulder massage, foot soak, sensory journey, hydrating eye treatment, and a polish change. Also on the menu are choices fora drink and any upgraded services such as waxing and deep conditioning treatments. These relaxing little extras that we do while guests sit in our cozy color lounge area ((away from mirrors, because, hello?! who looks cute with all that color and foil on their head)) are something we love to do and are a special Trixies treat!
  • When you are here, you are our Guest: have you ever been to a salon where your stylist is working on 3 people at once and you feel forgotten? Not at Trixies! We prefer not to “double-book” our services here and have found that personal one-on-one attention to be beneficial for not only our guests, but our stylists as well. We want it to be all about you and for everyone to feel relaxed and pampered!
  • Led by our Mission and Passion for Involvement: our mission (see below) is near and dear to our hearts here and something we try to extend to every guest that walks through our doors. Another passion of ours is keeping active in our community. We are members of the East and South Des Moines Chamberand volunteer/support many local charities. You will constantly see us out and about at various events and activities.
  • Trixies Family: every guest we have is family to us. We take great care to make sure our customer service is top notch and our presence and connection goes beyond our salon walls. Our social media outlets are a major way of doing this. You can see what’s going on with our team at any time through our facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, and periscope.

What are some of your favorite things about Trixies?? We are constantly evolving and would love for you to share with us…

xoxo, the Trixies Girls

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