Trixies goes UPTOWN!

What? Why do you want to do that? Are you crazy?Just a couple questions I was asked when I decided to open up our second Trixies [LOL] Have I thought I was going crazya couple times during this process? Hell yes!! But once the entrepreneur spirit is in your blood, there’s no going back! It also helps when you have a very supportive and driven team. Jeremy and I know we couldn’t have done this without them.
The night of our Grand Opening was filled with ribbon cuttings, chamber presentations, chocolates, and of course a classy champagne toastby Hannah Nuese, the manager of Uptown.We also had Karess Carterwith STAR 102.5doing a live broadcast at the salon. My daughter Marlee thought that made us pretty cool and wouldn’t leave Karess alone! Of course the best and most memorable part was how many of our family members and amazing guests came out to show us the love!
We’ve been open for one week now and are truly loving our second home and neighborhood. The amount of people that just stop in to say hi or tell us “welcome to the neighborhood” gives us goosebumps.
So yes, we are crazy. Crazy with excitement for the future of Trixies! xoxoxo
**Check out the new space:
4116 University Ave
Des Moines, 50311

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