Trixies gives back.

Have you heard of the Thankful Leper? Bobby Depper started his movement as this:a non-denominational ministry helping people out of homelessness and into a better life… His story is inspirational. Check it out.

Honestly, I don’t think any of us that helped at the Roundup free garage sale event on Saturday October 15th knew what to expect. We knew that we had many volunteers to man the donation tables that provided clothes, diapers. food, blankets, shoes, toys, etc. However, I don’t think that we could have ever imagined that a line would start to form at 9:00 for those that were in need of these items. The round up started at noon… and by 1:30 everything was gone! God is great indeed.

Some of the gals from Salon Vesta and myself provided haircuts for more than 60 people. There were times that I wanted to cry. Some of these beautiful souls hadn’t recieved haircuts for months, years even. We provided haircuts for the littlest of kids to the elderly [they were just a hoot with their stories]. I adore the hair industry but sometimes it can be very vain. I don’t think it is intentional, it just happens. So when we as stylists get to provide our gifts and talents in a different way, it truly reminds us what we can give to this world.

Love thy neighbor, as thyself. Matthew 22:39

*If you know anyone who would love to volunteer or anyone you care to refer to the event, the next Roundup is Saturday, January 14th at the Crestwood Baptist Church*

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