Toy Story 4

Kaley Ryan, Trixies Altoona

Hey guys! Kaley here with just a fun little piece!

So, one thing I absolutely love is movies! You can catch my husband and I at the theater almost once a week. And this past weekend was no exception.

Friday we saw Toy Story 4 and it was phenomenal!

The main premise of the movie is the fact that Bonnie (the new kid of Woody and the gang) is starting kindergarten. At her orientation she makes Forky, a DIY toy made of a spork, glitter glue, and a whole lotta love. The whole movie focuses around Woody and Forky, but we do get to meet a lot of other and new fun characters along the way.

The movie’s villain is Gabby Gabby, a talking doll from the 50’s, and her henchmen, old timey ventriloquist dummies (creepy and funny at the same time). Canada’s Greatest Stuntman Duke Caboom, VOICED BY KEANU REEVES BTW. And we get introduced to Ducky and Bunny, the most creative characters to grace the Toy Story Universe.

But my favorite is an old character that they brought back. Bo Peep. She’s amazingly resourceful, smart, and brave. All the kids are going to love her. I certainly did. And that’s all I’m going to say, because she is just amazing.

The movie was such a hit with my husband and I. I was impressed with how well the movie came together considering that Toy Story 3 came out 9 years ago. It didn’t miss a beat, and once the first scene starts you feel like no time has passed since you last saw your favorite toys. I feel like adults and children will enjoy this movie, it has something for everyone. And with the legacy of Toy Story coming to a close, how could you miss it? (I literally cried so many times)

(Me running, with my husband behind me, to see Toy Story 4 again)

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