tips to make your makeup meltproof.

the dog days of summer are upon us and we are all feeling the heat! going nearly makeup free this time of year is a welcome break for many of us, a little mascara – bronzer – and chapstick never looked so good; but there are days or occasions where we need a little more. So to keep your makeup from melting into your mojito this summer, here are some easy tricks!

*use a primer – its a fast, easy step that goes a long way in helping everything stay put.
*go with the glow – healthy, dewey skin is gorgeous in the summer, but translucent powder applied with a big, fluffy brush helps stop shine in the t-zone if you want a more matte finish.
*creamy eyeshadows – they seem to cake less in the heat, especially if you are sweating. they alsoglisten beautifully in the sun! powder shadows all but disappear when the temps go up.
*switch to liquid – master the art of liquid or gel liner and you will be thankful. they stay infinitely longer than pencils and once they are on, they do not move.
*waterproof mascara – an obvious one and there are formulas that have come a long way from the old flakey, drying kinds.
*tinted lip balms or stains – lip gloss is gorgeous but it can get sticky in the sun’s heat and lipstick can melt and get messy. tinted balms and lip stains are a great alternative with staying power. something with an spf is a bonus!

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happy summer!

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