Filling Our Cup: Our Trip to Qnity’s “The Fill”

Tricia and I went to Arizona in May to a conference to help us grow as leaders and show up for our Trixies team with the best available tools to help them be thriving intrapreneurs.

What does intrapreneur even mean?

They are running a business within a business. And we want to set them up for success! Because when the team is happy, healthy, and successful, we all win. Qnity gives us the training and the tools to help our team reach their goals.

We truly believe that we are coaching and shaping the “next gen” of beauty professionals. This industry is no joke – long gone are the “beauty shop” stereotype of days filled with ladies gossiping at the shampoo bowls. Beauty professionals are now stylists, therapists, photographers, and videographers spending their time marketing, promoting, booking, balancing, editing, posting, and trying to rule the world. Oh and maybe have a life outside of the salon! That’s a long list and it takes a lot of planning, goal setting, skills, and time management to make it happen. That’s why we have used the Qnity program and tools to help us set our team up for success.

This year’s conference was called the FiLL and we were filling our toolbox with awesome new ideas to bring back to the team. Do you want to know what my favorite part was though? (Besides the awesome food we had in Scottsdale and the relaxing time at the pool) Trixies Leadership Team won an Impact Award for Engagement. Think back on the last couple years… trying to keep yourself, your family, your coworkers, etc. engaged was a battle. It was a hard couple years and we know that we did everything we could to keep showing up for our team and Trixies guests during those times, because the only way we got through it was together! I know that Trixies is making an impact and hope we will continue to do so in all of our  future adventures.

Our partnership with the Qnity program has only strengthened and helped our team at Trixies and I am so glad we went to sunny Scottsdale this year to FiLL our toolbox with lots of new programs for our Trixies team.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise second half of 2022.

Xoxo   Lisa Lynn

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