The Heart of a Stylist…

Tricia Rivas, Trixies Salon

I’m pretty sure any stylist would tell you the reason they got into this industry is because they wanted to make people feel and look fabulous. The second part would be because they love hair, makeup and fashion. What they probably didn’t know is how we are such an important part of our guests’ lives. Ours guests tell us things before they even tell their family members. We don’t take this lightly. I know they’re confiding in me because they trust me, and I consider this a huge honor.

We often wonder why this relationship exists between stylists and their guests. Do we have trustworthy faces, do they know we have amazing listening skills, or is it like the doctor’s office, everything said is in complete confidence and won’t leave the salon? We often joke in the industry that we’re also psychiatrists and much more!

Love this article about what its like to be in our industry. Check it outhere.

The heart of a stylist is also sooooo much more. We’re beyond blessed in the Des Moines area to have stylists with giving hearts. We’re constantly volunteering our time outside of the salon, providing our time and talent to those in need in many ways, like for non-profits, charities, or businesses that host events or fashion shows, we as stylists donate our time to do hair and makeup or lend a helping hand in any way we can.

You will hear us say all the time at Trixies,“stylists are changing the world.”

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