the “great” PANTENE challenge of 2012.

the task: for all salon team members to ditch our Aveda brand loyalty and use only Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner for one week.

the method behind the madness: to have a personal experience with over the counter products some of our guests are using and to have a better idea what they may be struggling with. by understanding what they may be going through, we would be able to accurately prescribe and recommend homecare solutions.

the results:typical of hairstylists, most of us do not wash our hair every day, however, with the Pantene, it was absolutely necessary. next day hair was out of the question. while our hair looked “healthy,” it did not feel that way. it looked shiny and soft on most of us, but split ends were accentuated and our hair color looked dull. most of us had freshly colored hair when we started our experiment and we unfortunately experienced some fading. we also had problems with our hair holding styles, such as curls, or maintaining volume. and finally, something we did not really expect but nearly all of us experienced, is breakouts. our faces were oilier and shinier with pimples popping up out of nowhere. talk about a debbie downer…

we have all since returned to our Aveda loving ways but found the results a bit hard to reverse. getting the wax buildup to go away will take some time and effort, as well as getting our skin balanced out. no worries though, we are professionals… :]

what we learned: sometimes we dont know how good we have it until we try something else! lets be honest, as much as we hated the process here, it was really informative. we need to ask more questions and if guests are experiencing what we did through this, we need to rescue them. we have the solutions, we simply need to show them to the light!


¶¶ stay tuned for our next experiment: skincare. dove beauty bar for face and body only. no exfoliating, no moisturizer, and no eye cream. be afraid. be very afraid ¶¶


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