The 80’s called and they want their perm back!!

Tricia Rivas, Trixies Salon

That’s right, the perm is back baby! But you know what doesn’t come with it? The nasty fart smell (excuse my bluntness, but omg, clear a room why don’t you), and no wait time under a dryer with your eyes burning and then your hair ending up looking like a poodle. Perms have gotten an upgrade!
Those of us that love to do perms at Trixies are doing perms that look natural and add body to the hair. Some days you might get bored with the curly hair… With the perms we are doing, you still have the options of blow drying, round brushing, or using a straight iron. It’s all about being able to have multiple looks with your hair.
TheNow don’t get us wrong, a perm is still a commitment, and they are not wash and go anymore. You’ll want to have your magic tools in your tool kit along with your products. That means investing in a diffuser to softly blow dry the hair and we always recommend our Aveda Be Curly line to keep your curls hydrated and defined. Give us a call today to schedule a comeplimentary consultation!

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