Thank You!!

Earth Month has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and the Trixies Girls have been busy, busy, busy. But as we look back, we are excited to say, WE MET AND EXCEEDED OUR EARTH MONTH GOAL!! So thank you, thousands of times over, because we couldn’t have done it without all of you! Thank you for caring about the Earth as much as we do and for continually supporting our fundraising events and efforts. It means more to us than you know!

If you missed our annual Playing Our Part benefit this year, here is a little recap:

*Ticket to get in the door- $20
*80’s decorations and outfits- $varied ((but they were amazing))
*Sustenance from Mezzodi’s, Tumea & Sons, and Something Italian- $free
*Silent Auction baskets with everything from photography packages to boutique gift certificates to tattoo bucks- $varied ((but always a steal!))

*Singing karaoke with Party!Party!, dancing, playing Trixie’s Plinko, fabulous cocktails from Sudsuckers, and the feeling of supporting an amazing and worthy cause – PRICELESS!!

collage2 collage ash girls boys groupIf that doesn’t look like fun, I don’t know what does… Thank you all again for your support and if you missed it this year, join us next year and have twice as much fun! ;]

xoxo, the Trixies Girls


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