Summer got your hair in a knot?

Jacob Zauche, Trixies Salon
We’ve heard it a lot lately, and we know the struggle! All of the time spent in the pool, at the lake, or basking in the sun means our hair and scalp could use a little TLC. With all the info on the internet and “magical” at home remedies, it can be confusing what can truly help turn those dry ends and flaky scalp into soft and nourished locks. Well, Aveda has made finding the solution easy with our Botanical Therapy deep-conditioning treatment and Pramasana scalp treatment!
Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp! And with dry shampoo on the rise, there are a lot of reasons to treat our scalps with extra care. Let’s walk through the Pramasana treatment at Trixies: we start off with a consultation to assess your scalp concerns and find solutions. Then we massage the scalp with our exfoliating scalp brush to remove dead skin, help with lymphatic drainage, and invigorate the hair follicle. We continue with massaging the scalp using our purifying scalp cleanser to remove impurities and increase micro-circulation. Followed up with an nourishing scalp masque which nourishes the scalp to promote detoxification and purification. We end with the protective scalp concentrate to balance sebum levels, strengthen the scalp barrier, and protect the scalp from environmental pollutants. Pramasana can help all scalps from normal to dry, dandruff, oily, or thinning. After experiencing the spa-like treatment in salon you can even treat your scalp at home with the exfoliating scalp brush, purifying scalp cleanser, and protective scalp concentrate!
At Trixies we pair the Pramasana treatment with Aveda’s Botanical Therapy treatments for dry or damaged hair. Applied to wet hair, these treatments have the potential to improve moisture by 86% and reduce damaged hair by 84% in 10 mins!!! The Dry Remedy treatment moisturizes with buriti and pomegranate oils, conditions with palm kernel, and seals in shine with organic kukui seed oil. The Damage remedy treatment helps strengthens hair with quinoa protein and sugar beet amino acids, while providing shine with philodendron and barley extract. These treatments are infused with aromas of ylang ylang, rose geranium, vanilla, bergamot, and mandarin. Both treatments are great to pair with color services, haircuts, or even as a stand alone to treat your hair.
Don’t let your scalp and hair health fall to the way side and remember that self care isn’t selfish! Stop in to any of our three Trixies locations soon for your Pramasana and Botanical Therapy treatment! Your scalp and hair will thank you!

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