Show Some Love For Your Stylist During COVID19

Support Your Stylist Through COVID-19

At Trixie’s Aveda Salon in Des Moines, we are so lucky to have the best clients in Iowa. Lots of our lovely guests have been asking how they can show support during this time of salon shut down. So we thought we’d put together a list.

Purchase a Gift Card Online

And even better, get entered to win a massive giveaway.

We’ve partnered up with many local Des Moines small businesses to offer a unique discount and giveaway to participating shoppers. Simply purchase a gift card online at any of the businesses listed, register your participation and receive a discount to shop at all businesses. On April 15, we will be drawing a random name to then receive a giveaway package with goodies from all of our friends. Get more details on how to enter here.

Event better yet, until March 29, save on your favorite services by purchasing gift cards to Trixie’s Aveda Salon. Receive a $60 gift certificate for only $50, $100 gift card for only $75, or maximize savings with a $250 gift card for $200.

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Leave Us a Virtual Review

Write an Encouraging Note – For Free!

Think about it, when you’re shopping around for products and services, you probably read at least a couple of reviews before making a decision. That is why we love it when you do the bragging for us :). If you love your stylist, leave a note on our Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews, YouTube or even Yelp. Tell us what services you love, who your stylist is, and how you can’t wait for COVID-19 to disappear. We miss you, we want to hear from you.

>> Leave a review: Facebook Reviews // Google Reviews // YouTube // Yelp <<

Purchase Aveda Products Online

Just Because We’re Not in Store, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Refill.

Read up on the products that we can’t live without, and make your purchases from our online store. While we LOVE for you to purchase straight from our storefront, it’s not our reality right now. However, if you visit our Trixie’s Aveda Shop online, you can still keep your house stocked with your favorite beauty products. Reach out to us if you’re not sure what products are best for your hair, or follow our product education playlist on YouTube.

>> Purchase from Trixie’s Aveda Shop online <<

Save Your Roots for Your Stylist

Show You’re Rooting for Us By Saving Your Roots for Us.

One of the best ways you can show support for our Trixie’s family right now is to simply save your roots for us! That’s why we are launching the #rootingfortrixies campaign. Simply upload your selfie to instagram or Facebook (or both!) using the hashtag #RootingForTrixies. On April 30, we’ll draw a random winner for a $50 gift certificate to our salon! So wear a hat, perfect the messy bun, or just embrace your roots. Need some more tips? Follow us on YouTube, instagram and Facebook for more COVID-19 styling tips.

>> Upload Your Selfie to #RootingForTrixies <<

Give a Virtual Tip

Give Your Stylist Some Love.

We see Des Moines rallying around all of our community during this time and we’re simply loving the love. Use this sheet to look up your favorite stylist to leave a little tip. Send a note about how you miss us, and what you want this to go towards – maybe a relaxing candle to meditate to during this time? Or maybe some local carryout. Either way. We appreciate you.

Finally, Let’s Close Out With Some Funnies.

We’re Trixie’s Aveda Salon Afterall, and We Love to Laugh.

Have you seen our latest COVID-19 playlist on YouTube? We decided to be a little lighthearted during this time and give some funny little tips and antics to share with our fans. We miss you, we love you, and we’ll see you soon!

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