shots and slots and sun, oh my!

it was 11 thursday morning as we all rolled up to Francies for our pre-flight drinks and appys, and we were EXCITED (oh, you dont pre-game for your vegas flights?? hey, it was vacation after all and we wanted to get in the vegas spirit…).

after a quick bite and a couple drinks we headed to the airport. while strolling through security, hannah got the full-body pat down due to “suspicious chemicals on her hands and shoes.” = i.e. spray tan, and that was proceeded by ari pumping on the floor of a public airport restroom. im just going to say it, because i know you are thinking it and so were we, was vegas ready for this crazy crew?

we made it through the flight with only a couple tears (tricia isn’t the best flyer, bless her heart) and lots of help from our mini-bottled friends. from the airport we headed to our hotel at the stratosphere; where we had an amazing room and a fabulous view from the 24th floor.

i dont want to bore you with all the details of debauchery ( just kidding. we were pretty tame. no, im serious. we really were!) so here are a few highlights of our favorite spots or places that showed us a good time:

minus5 ice bar – coolest bar ever. literally. its minus 5 degrees celsiusinside and everything inside including the bar, drinking glasses, seating area, and decorations are made of ice. your cover charge includes a coat, boots, and gloves. a couple strong drinks and a quick photo session later (oh, and a shot from an ice luge shaped like a nakey lady. woot woot), we were headed back to the sun!

thunder from down under – yea, that happened and youre welcome for the following picture (thats all i can say about this because i cant stop laughing long enough to think of anything witty to say). just feast your eyes on this and let your imagination run wild…

CatHouse – we followed up our thunder experience at this beautiful boutique nightclub that put us in VIP with complimentary bottle service. amazing! service was great, bar was packed, and the dance floor was hoppin. the decor and feel of this place was the best part. the website describes it best, “luxurious 1920’s charm …classic chandeliers hanging from ceiling … Inspired by the speakeasies of the Prohibition era, this sultry hot spot characterized the irreverent attitude and fun of the roaring twenties.” believe me, we had a fabulous time!

level 8 pool at the stratosphere – taking advantage of the 100 degree weather, we splurged for a cabana at our hotel pool. it came with a shaded area to get out of the sun, bottle service, a fruit plate, rafts, and sunscreen (our pastey iowa skin needed that!). bonus: the food was a-mazing and our cabana host was from iowa. very fun and a great relaxing day by the water.

fremont street with a little side of drag queens – you have to go downtown to old las vegas to complete your experience. we spent one night checking out the old casinos, watching the fremont street light show (featuring Queen), and ate at a cute brewery serving everything from pizza to sushi! afterwords we made a pit stop at drink and drag, drag queens and bowling with strong drinks and house music. [lol] most creative queen costumes i have ever seen; it was fascinating. granted, it was a bit of a weird night, but thats vegas for ya!

beatles l.o.v.e. – tricia and i couldnt pass up seeing a cirque du soleil show while we were there. we chose the love show because, come on, who doesnt love the beatles?! our seats were great and the show was amazing. i can hardly describe it because i cant do it justice. it was like a sensory overload and the tricks were just so cool. it was a great choice!

fashion show mall – trixies girls know how to shop! we window shopped up at shops inside the casinos – jimmy choo and gucci and pucci and ahhhh, a girl can dream… miss hannah was like a kid in a candy store at the betty page store! alas, most of our actual shopping and browsing was at the fashion show mall with shops we love but dont have here, and everyone came home with something new and fabulous.

nom nom nom – we also know how to eat! we had amazing italian at Fellinis, fabulous appetizers at Sugar Factory, and thee best sushi at RA. it was a good thing we did a lot of walking!


whew. the trip flew by. so much to do and so little time! but countless laughs and a million new memories later, we headed back to the heartland…


**ps. a MILLION thanks to Tricia for taking us all and rewarding us in such a big way. we say it a lot, but its never enough. we love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! <3 your trixies girls**

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