Texture Services

Our gentle, semi-permanent relaxer tames your curls and texture to be more manageable. We do not offer permanent relaxers that leave your hair perfectly straight, but instead a softer version that helps save time and energy in your styling routine.

Our certified stylists use an innovative, ionic waving lotion the product penetrates the hair shaft gently, without roughing the cuticle or making it swell, which is what old-fashioned perms used to do. The ionic lotion reduces stress on tresses, creates a smoother cuticle, and makes hair fabulous and full. Instead of setting hair with hard tools, we combine soft tools with editorial techniques, so looks are fashion-forward, not frumpy. 

Please schedule a consultation today for any of our texture services!

Consultation Required
Consultation Required
American Wave
priced upon consultation
Our certified stylists performing the American Wave service use more natural ingredients to create custom waves without any ammonia or thio. This beautiful, modern approach to perming creates soft, natural-looking wave and curl patterns vs. the 80's styles that come to mind. Whether you want to increase volume, make curls, or add beach waves, this service can create texture for all.

Guests with all hair types are eligible for this service. We carry two types of solutions: American Wave and the American Color Wave. One is not suitable for bleached hair, or heavily highlighted hair. The other is compatible with almost all hair colors, however, a consultation is always required to determine compatibility.