Scalp Tattoos or Hair Loss.. an Instant Solution!

Jill, Rejuve at Salon Bellezza

Tried Aveda’s Invati line but need more??? Meet Jill from Salon Bellezza in Marion, IA. She might have the answer you’ve been looking for…

Scalp Tattoos for Hair Loss.. An Instant Solution!

I am assuming you’ve visited the blog to see if I was actually serious. A tattoo on your head.. for hair loss..?? The answer is YES! As crazy as is sounds, it’s actually the furthest thing from crazy, in fact, it’s quite genius!

Before I get too far, I’d like to tell you a little about my rebel soul (I’m sure you’re thinking I must have one and am probably a little “out there”). Rebel soul, actually not really, “out there”… maybe a little, but not in a bad way! I’ve been in the industry as a stylist for 11 years and salon owner for 7. Over the course of time I’ve witnessed countless products used to either conceal hair loss, keep it at bay, or regrow what was lost. While I’m not going to bash any of those products, I will tell you, the chances of your hair actually returning are slim to none. I say this because I’ve witnessed it.

Being a stylist and forming relationships with your client totally goes beyond you just doing their hair. You form a connection with them. You know their life, you cheer them on, as they do you. Any stylist will tell you, the people that sit in your chair really become a friend. When they experience something such as hair loss, it’s so disheartening. We try to give them a style that will camouflage the showing scalp. We suggest things that will help because we know it bothers you and we genuinely care. Sadly, At the end of the day, there’s only so much we can do.

While scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across a post about Scalp Micropigmentation, I did a little research and was CONVINCED this is the answer!!!!

What is Scalp Micropigmentation you ask?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a form of tattooing that creates tiny impressions with pigment in the dermal layer to replicate the look of follicles. The impressions are made in a natural follicle pattern so the look is natural and undetectable. SMP is perfect for men and women both and is used to camouflage male pattern baldness, thinning hair, alopecia and scar cover up.

Still not convinced? Here are some perks/points that will be hard to ignore.

1. SMP can give you your hairline back INSTANTLY. Did you know, results from transplant surgery typically do not show for 6-12+months after the procedure?

2. SMP is about ¼ of the cost of a transplant, making this option very affordable. It’s also guaranteed whereas transplants are not…Oh ya, SMP is non invasive! This means no down time.

3.Ladies (and men), do you know the powders that darken your scalp? The ones you don’t dare jump in the pool with it in your hair or it will reveal your darkest secret? SMP does the same thing, it will darken your scalp.. but wait for it…. it’s permanent! This means when you are at an outside work function and the largest rainfall of your life decides to dump down..IT WON’T MATTER! SMP will give the look of thicker hair and create the density you are lacking. Yes, this means your hair can once again blow in the breeze


4. Men, Your hairline.. that hairline.. that darn hairline. Guess what, I can give it back! When your hairline is totally gone and more scalp is showing than hair the best thing to do is shave it off! At this point, I will create a natural, age appropriate hairline, once you are 100% happy we will start the SMP process. Again, SMP replicates the look of follicles. These tiny impressions are made in a natural pattern, faded softly into the hairline and down the sides to keep your new look undetectable and natural. Shaving the sides and top down will create the look of a modern buzzed haircut. It’s the “I have hair but I chose to shave it” look.. let me tell you, it knocks YEARS off!

5.SMP is a perfect way to be ready for your next alopecia flare up. Beings you typically don’t know where it will be, SMP will have you geared up and ready!

6.Lastly, some people are really bothered by scars on their scalp where others like it because it’s a reminder of a story. For those of you that would rather have it gone, SMP is hands down the answer. Tiny impressions are made to mimic your natural pattern and seamlessly blend into your existing hair.

Hopefully by now, I have convinced you that I am not crazy.. Just passionate!

My closing statement is this, don’t just deal with hair loss. It is not hopeless, there really is a solution, and I’m a firm believer Scalp Micropigmentation is your answer. Also, SMP will boost you up about 100 levels of coolness because “you will now technically have a scalp tattoo”.. Let me tell you, it doesn’t get much cooler than that.


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