Resolutions and Me

So we’re one month into 2019 and I feel like I can safely talk about resolutions without feeling defeated or overwhelmed.

(Me every New Years thinking about how I’m gonna disappoint myself this time)

So I’ve played the game:

1: Set resolution

2: Be really good at the resolution (usually lasts anywhere between 20 minutes – 5 business days)

3: Fall off the resolution train

4: Be really upset because this the 4th year in a row that we were going to get in shape, Kaley but we’re still eating Oreos and ice cream watching Grey’s Anatomy and NOT working out

5: Figure I’ve waited this long, I can just do it next year

6: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

(2018, but whatevs, same sadness different year)

I get it, New Years is a reset, a start fresh, a new turn around the sun… But I’m tired of always being let down by the time pre-Summer hits.

So I decided this year, I’m not setting a resolution. I’m setting one idea into motion.

(And no, I’m not jumping on your “Marie Kondo = Spark Joy” bandwagon)

What I really want to spend my time doing is learning how to enjoy my boredom. Learn a new hobby, learn to do something with my hands and get off my phone more.

(Why? Oh. Because she’s hobby-ing)

So the more I looked around, the more I loved what I saw! There’s ideas for so much, I just don’t know where I want to begin. I really like the idea of crochet or cross stitch.

What intrigues me most about it is the fact that I can wear or decorate with my designs, and I think that’s more rewarding than losing a couple pounds.

(And while witchcraft would take care of both, I don’t have the time or the goth clothes anymore :/)

So maybe the next time you see me, I’ll be sporting a new scarf… or something that is in the family of scarves.

Until next year, folks.

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