Thinking about a massage? Here’s why you should visit BJ asap!

We hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday this week and the start of Summer! Is it time for a little R&R for yourself now? We caught up with our massage therapist, BJ, from our new Altoona location to chat about massage and what sets her apart from everyone else. Here are some points of difference you will notice when you book your next pamper session with BJ at Trixies Altoona! xoxo

1. Aveda Products! Our massage oils and lotions are 97% naturally derived. You’re pampering yourself, and we’re pampering your skin!
2. Many spas include time for your consultation and dressing in your 60 or 90 minute massage. At Trixies, we schedule your appointment with an extra half hour. This gives us time to fully define your needs for the session, and allows us a full 60 or 90 minutes for hands-on work!
3. We use hot towels on your back, neck and feet to warm up those tight muscles and to aid in relaxation.
4. As if that weren’t relaxing enough, we’ll even put a hot towel under your neck while you rest face up. It’s amazing, trust us!
5. Trixies includes aromatherapy, stretching, spot deep tissue, and/or spot hot stones at no extra cost as a part of your treatment!
6. We also do full body deep tissue sessions, yes please!
7. At Trixies, we deeply value your experience and feedback. Our Licensed Massage Therapists take the time to explore what you loved about your session and take note of things that could be adjusted the next time around.
8. Trixies guests always get sent home with homework…but don’t fret, its fun! We’ll teach you self-care techniques that will help you retain the results of your massage and keep you pain-free between treatments.

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