new year, new you?

I vowed this year I wasn’t going to do the whole resolution thing. Why, you might ask? Well, I was tired of doing really well for two weeks, at what was usually trying to lose weight, and then BAM! …something would happen and I would fall off the wagon.

So this year, instead of putting a number to it, I’m going to focus on getting healthy and feeling beautiful in my own skin! Which I have to say, since I hit 35, I finally stopped struggling with loving myself, even with being overweight. I remember my mom and grandma telling me this day would come… and all I can say is Thank God!!! (Lol)

But loving yourself and feeling physically well are two very separate things. I’m taking it slower this time and not going all balls to the wall, like I normally tend to do! Meal prep is my focus right now. Pinterest and Hy-Vee’s online grocery shopping have been life savers! I also joined some Facebook groups to help keep me motivated. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one that sometimes wants to eat a whole box of twinkies!

A salad a day…

13 ways to actually keep your new year’s resolutions…

So here’s to 2017!! May we love ourselves for who we are, live the life we’ve imagined, and for myself, getting healthy.


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