Myrtle Mae Smiles!

Tricia Rivas, Owner of Trixies (and Myrtle Mae!)

When you’re obsessed with camping, and especially vintage campers, it only makes sense that you would buy one and redo it! We had been searching on Craig’s List for many months to find the perfect gem. We finally did in Atlanta, Iowa. So here she is…

Myrtle Mae is a 1967 Shasta Camper named after my Great-Grandma. A lot of love, sweat, and tears went into this project. I don’t know how it would have even became possible without my mom and dad.
I have big plans for Myrtle Mae! I would love to travel to other cities and show her off at vintage camper rallies. Did I mention I would love to get a vintage camper rally started here in Iowa?! Until then, we’ve turned her into a photo booth on wheels!!
You can rent Myrtle Mae for weddings, graduations, holiday parties, and much more. What a statement she would make at your event! You can follow our little gems journey on
Facebook: Myrtle Mae Smiles

Instagram: Myrtle Mae Smiles

You can also visit Myrtle Mae at the Vintage & Made Fair and the Legit Market.
Myrtle Mae will also be at the Vintage & Made Fair and the Legit Market. For more information you can contact Tricia

Ceiling tile: Menards
Floor tile: Menards
Counter Top: If You Give a Girl a Saw
Blankets: various vintage stores
Curtains: Chanel bedspread turned into curtains from Etsy
Cactus Pillow: Etsy
Black and white curtains: shower curtain from Target
Other little goodies from Hobby Lobby, CK Design, Hinge and garage sales.

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