Meet Mollie! New addition to the Trixies Family


Meet Mollie!

We knew Mollie was destined to be part of the Trixies family when she entered and won our giveaway last year for Easter! She figured out our clues and tracked down our giant Easter egg, which contained gift cards to many of our local women owned businesses- which happened to be some of her favorites, too!

We’re so excited for Mollie to join our team of stylists here at Trixies. Be sure to follow along on her journey and find her on social media at @hairxmollievm

1. I have a cat named Bijou and she is my favorite thing in the whole world!
2. Sweet & salty things are my favorite!
3. My favorite food is spaghetti (always down for some pasta)
4. I am getting married next fall!
5. I also have a crazy puppy named Jackson!
6. I played soccer for 14 years of my life.
7. My favorite color is a toss up between cream and green!
8. My favorite Aveda product is easily air control, the scent is to die for 😍
9. I’m not a coffee person, but offer up a Diet Coke and I’ll forever love you!
10. If I wasn’t doing hair I’m not sure what I would be doing!
11. I say I love lazy days at home, but if I’m home for more than a day I get antsy to go do something!
12. My favorite place to travel is Siesta Key, FL.
13. Out of all the seasons, my favorite one varies every year (except winter, I’m not meant to be in the cold)
14. How I met your mother is one show I could watch over and over and over again!
15. Hosting people over is one of my favorite things to do especially when I get to make lots of food!!
16. One of my favorite pre COVID memories is going to country concerts with my family!
17. I was a farm camp counselor for 3 years!
18. My dad and I haven’t missed a Hairball concert in iowa in 6 years!
19. I went to a super small high school with only 24 in my graduating class!
20. If I was stranded on a island and I could only bring 3 things it would be: my cat, peppermint essential oils, and cheddar Chex mix 😍
21. I’m a Leo
22. I’m one of those people who will sleep with a blanket and the fan on medium no matter how warm or cold it is!
23. I have a huge family so I love being able to make connections with people because half the time they know at least 1 of my family members!
24. I am terrified of grasshoppers!
25. I love a good scary movie!

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