Meet Trixie!

Some of my favorite questions as a business owner:

“Do you ever sleep… and Can I call you Trixie?” Lol! Yes! I do sleep and actually need a solid 8 hours or I’m a crazy woman, and I love when people call me Trixie.

Here are twenty more things you need to know about me:
1. God is first in my life; my husband is second and our beautiful children third.
2. I heart country music!

3. I truly believe stylists can change the world.

4. We love to camp with a group of friends and we call ourselves Camp Happy.

5. I love to write… but definitely never won any spelling bees. Lol

6. I’ve been known to make up my own words.

7. I have a non-profit called Dream Catchers Foundation Inc.

8. I had my oldest son, Colton, when I was 16.

9. I get my work ethic from my dad.

10. I’ve had the same group of girlfriends for over 30 years.

11. I went to DMACC for nursing but only lasted a semester. I knew in my heart I was a hairstylist.

12. I have aunts and uncles who are hairstylists.

13. I’m a philanthropist.

14. I could live off of Mexican food.

15. I drink whiskey and smoke cigars.

16. When Jeremy and I retire, I want to live in a Airstream camper by the sea.

17. I love to read!!

18. Football, baseball, and softball are my favorite sports.

19. I’m really a tomboy.

20. I got the nickname Trixie from one of my girlfriend’s dad. He still asks for royalties! Lol

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