meet Jessica.

Jessica Griffin25 Things You Didnt Know About Jessica… front desk coordinator and college freshman. shes got moves like Jagger and a borderline abnormal obsession with sharks…

1. i have a dog named Lily and she howls when you clap your hands.
2. my favorite animals are sharks; favorite shark is a great white.
3. my #1 on my bucket list is to swim with 10 or more sharks, the first being a great white.
4. my favorite place in the world is Andros, Bahamas.
5. love Audis, especially the R8. i will hopefully own one in the future.
6. i love crime shows and am always watching Criminal Minds.
7. i have one younger sister.
8. i am currently attending Simpson College.
9. would love to get my PhD in Psychology and help people with self-esteem issues.
10. Anastasia, Finding Nemo, Dumb & Dumber, and Ave Venture: When Nature Calls are my all-time favorite movies. i usually watch one daily.
11. LOVE strawberry cheesecake and krispy kreme doughnuts.
12. i love embarrassing myself. for example, driving around Des Moines with clown noses or a blonde mullet wig.
13. i love milk and diet dew.
14. i would never shower if i didnt have to.
15. “nothing can bring you peace, but yourself” – daily quote i live by.
16. i collect anything with a bow on it!
17. family and friends mean the world; i always have a good laugh when i am with them.
18. Ralph Waldo Emerson has the most inspiring quotes.
19. if i could breathe underwater, that is where i would live.
20. born and raised on the Southside.
21. i have really bad ankles. if i stand or drive for too long, they start to feel like i have a growing pain.
22. when i own a house, i want an entire wall to be an aquarium.
23. i judge food on the way it looks, if it looks gross, i will not eat it.
24. i love playing practical jokes on people.
25. i am a very sarcastic person. i am always joking with someone; if not, its a bad day!

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