Meet Haley!

Haley graduated form the Aveda Institute Des Moines in 2015. She grew up in Norwalk, Iowa and has always had a passion for hair. She loves doing haircolor(especially blondes), but also enjoys cutting and just making people feel beautiful. When she is not working she enjoys relaxing with friends and family.

1. Teal is my favorite color

2. I could eat potatoes for every meal

3. I grew up in Norwalk

4. I love to paint my nails

5. I am the Queen of saving money

6. I hate green vegetables

7. My favorite animal is an elephant

8. I love to be out on the water

9. When I have time, I love to cook/bake

10. I LOVE to dance

11. I cannot stand when my fingernails/toes aren’t painted

12. I only have one little tattoo

13. I am a hair product junkie!

14. I do my hair and makeup EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

15. I eat out way too much

16. My first job was selling chicken on a stick at the Iowa Sate Fair

17. I hate working out

18. LOVE LOVE LOVE Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5

19. I played the trombone in middle school (lol)

20. Sprite is my favorite pop

21. I’ve watched Orange is the Black season 1&2 in one weekend

22. I used to collect state quarters then I got desperate and cashed them in… oops

23. I have crazy, naturally curly hair

24. I’m addicted to chapstick

25. I still drive my very first car.. rusty blue Lumina

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