Meet Gracie!


Meet Gracie! Gracie is a stylist at Trixies Uptown location.

Gracie Hughes is an Aveda Institute graduate. She enjoys blonding, custom colors & short haircuts in the salon. Gracie was born in Austin, TX. She has lived in Iowa for over 15 years. In her free time Gracie enjoys traveling/ long road trips, spending time with her family/friends & lots of shopping sprees. She also loves spending time with her french bulldog French Fry.

Gracie is currently completing Trixies training program, and is starting to take new guests at our Uptown location soon. Be sure to follow Gracie on social media at @sparkle_fallout_


1) I LOVE dogs (especially frenchies) 

2) I love snuggling up to a good scary movie 

3) my fav color is emerald green 

4) I was born in Austin,Texas 

5) cheddar Chex mix is my favorite snack 

6) I love road-trips/ traveling

7) my favorite food is a filet mignon 

8) my second fav food is spaghetti and meatballs 

9) one of my hobbies I developed over quarantine is making really yummy smelling soap. 

10) I played softball for 13 years 

11) I went to valley high school 

12) my favorite place I have traveled is Europe, I visited the beautiful city of Prague! 

13) i have a French bulldog named French Fry. 

14) I have two younger siblings

15) Making people feel better has always been a big thing for me. When I do hair I get to have those beautiful moments everyday! 

16) I love meeting new people 

17) big supporter of living everyday like it’s your last. 

18) I might not always have the same hair color the next time you see me. 

19) my #1 rule of life is treat others the way you would like to be treated. 

20) my fav returning style is bell bottom jeans i have a plethora of those. 

21) my top favorite bands

 1) queen 

2) def leopard 

3) nirvana 

22) my family houses hockey players for the Des Moines buccaneers 

23) I have exactly 36 pairs of sunglasses (some may say I have a problem I just need a pair for each outfit) 

24) my family is what is most important to me. 

25) I 100% believe a good environment has a huge outcome on your attitude and your performance in your day to day life.

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