meet Ari.

Ariella Eve Miesner25 Things You Didn’t Know About Ariella… stylist and makeup/skincare aficionado…

1. originally from Des Moines, born and raised on the South Side.
2. love to sing.
3. a good book can distract me from anything.
4. my style is eclectic… in every aspect of my life.
5. I have a little GIRL on the way!
6. I am an only child.
7. my favorite food is anything that involves pasta.
8. I spend way too much money on coffee.
9. I could walk miles… I love walking.
10. I enjoy perusing World Market… no agenda necessary.
11. if Icould change one thing about myself, it would be my hair… I want more of it.
12. Control Force and Green Science Firming Eye Cream are my staple products… and any lip product.
13. I would love to travel to Italy or Australia.
14. one of my favorite movies is Amelie.
15. I love family game night.
16. my husband and I are huge fine beer fans… he even brews his own.
17. NBC Thursday Night TV is a ritual in my home.
18. I would be lost without my planner and my many lists.
19. I grind my teeth at night.
20. I love taking naps in the middle of the afternoon.
21. I keep crayons and coloring books at my house… for myself!
22. I hate clutter… I throw everying away.
23. my husband and I always kiss each other goodbye before we leave for work in the morning and at night before bed.
24. I have a crazy, high-energy, loud-barking Beagle for a dog. we love him a lot.
25. I absolutely love all the women I work with and for.

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