Meet Angelina!


  1. I love the winter, snow makes me happy, and the crisp cold air is refreshing.
  2. Besides doing hair, photography is my creative outlet.

  3. I’m a burrito connoisseur.

  4. I have never been on a plane or left the country.

  5. Reading and writing has gotten me through some difficult times, words allow me to process emotions and experiences.

  6. I hate peanut butter.

  7. Labyrinth is one of my favorite films.

  8. David Bowie is my favorite musical artist.

  9. I love to support local music, I wish I had musical talent.

  10. I am neither a dog or cat person, but merely an animal person.

  11. I drink a lot of water, I’ve been given the nickname ‘Aquafina.’

  12. I’m the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet.

  13. I’m loyal to my friends and family.

  14. I don’t like beaches.

  15. I love good Tequila and wine.

  16. I’m a fan of irreverent TV shows.

  17. I’ve lived in Tennessee.

  18. I’ve also lived in Colorado.

  19. I know a little Italian.

  20. I currently have a fluffy cat, I hope to rescue more.

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