Meet Alicia!

I am originally from kansas I’ve been in Iowa 8 years now. I attended Iowa school of beauty in urbandale. I love all things beauty!!! Always have!!! I especially love making blondes blonder and doing fun short hair cuts!!!! If im not working and making people feel more beautiful you can find me at home with my two kiddos and fiance doing family stuff.

“Your eyes are the windows to your soul”

1.) Mom of 2 kiddos: girl- 8, boy- 9
2.) I enjoy my alone time
3.) Love taking long naps
4.) Engaged for 8 years, been together 10 in September
5.) From Kansas
6.) Moved to Iowa 8 1/2 years ago to be closer to Dustin’s family!!!
7.) I like loud music when I drive
8.) I blurt random lyrics to songs out and never have the words right
9.) I love cereal as a snack before bed but never eat it for breakfast
10.) I collect crystals – they’re all over my house
11.) Im into Astrology
12.) I have 3 younger brothers: two are twins, and 4 sisters: one’s passed
13.) “reality” t.v. junkie
14.) I’ve wanted to do hair and makeup since I can remember
15.) Love vodka red bull on my nights out
16.) I dislike grocery shopping
17.) Also dislike the smell of raw hamburger meat so I don’t like cooking it
18.) Drives me nuts when people chew loud or chomp their food
19.) Even though my jaw pops when I eat (haha)
20.) I have a Youtube channel

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