My mom, a former stylist, has been telling me how I need to attend a hair show for as long as I remember, but Aveda never really had any to offer. So when I heard about the first ever Aveda Master Jam Talk Series, I knew I had to be there!

Waking up early to drive 3 hours to Kansas City didn’t seem ideal, but when crazy Tricia told us we’d be there in an hour and a half, I already knew it was going to be a fun day!

The beginning of the day started out with a group of people who were speaking about how being a part of the beauty industry was so much more than JUST being a hairstylist. We are friends, we are community helpers, leaders.. we become family..

The second half of the day Aveda really turned the Madrid Theatre into a freakin’ night club! 700 people, DJ on stage, cocktail hour on the dance floor, and some of the Global Artistic Team for Aveda (who are pretty much celebrities in the Aveda community). In the midst of all of this they also had 3 people up on stage performing some phenomenal haircuts and styles in 20 minutes or less. It was MIND-BLOWING!

I have never been so inspired in one day. So many motivational speakers, so many amazing hairstyles, and I got to meet some AVEDA CELEBRITIES lol! I would have to say this first Aveda Jam was a success, I mean, how is ~700 people not a home run?!

I am seriously looking forward to all of the hair shows I will be attending in the future! Thank you Aveda and Trixies Salon for this awesome experience!

xoxo, Haley Knight

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