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My name isMaddie Rawlingsand I am an image consultant at Trixie’s Salon – Southside. I have worked with Aveda for two years now. I have found that what I love most about Aveda products is that they are almost 100% naturally derived, never tested on animals, and actually do what each product says it will. My three absolute favorite products are:Phomollient, Universal Styling Cream, and the Invati Advanced line.

I love Phomollient because to me, it’s one of the most versatile products I’ve ever used. It adds body and volume for an all-around fuller style, but also adds a very nice grip to the hair for whatever style you are going for. If you are curling your hair, it’s great to help hold the curls in but it also gives soft, straight hair a nice structure and grip along with the great body and volume it gives! Just an all around easy product to use with the most bang for your buck!
I love Universal Styling Cream because, for the right hair type, it adds so much control and softness. If you have coarse or thick, unruly hair, Universal Styling Cream might be your lifesaver. Just a tiny dime-sized amount in damp hair takes frizzy, coarse, and unmanageable hair to a smooth, soft, and controllable style without crunch or a sappy feeling. I’ve found it’s truly a game-changer for people with hair that they are just at their wits end with!
I love Invati Advanced because it gives hope (and hair) back to people who are discouraged with all of the other hair loss brands they have tried. Whether your hair loss is from having a baby, getting older, or just plain ole bad genetics, Invati’s 3-step system reduces hair loss by 53%! I’ve even had guests buy it as gifts for their friends and family! It comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and once-daily spray on treatment. Hair feels thicker just after one or two uses. It’s truly amazing and definitely an Aveda favorite.


Maddie grew up in Sioux City, IA. Upon graduating, she moved to Omaha, NE where she studied two years of Social Work before realizing that her drive to help others would be better used in a creative sense; so she went to cosmetology school at Xenon Academy in Omaha where she quickly found her passion for all things hair, makeup and skincare. She graduated in 2016 and has found her niche here at Trixie’s making people feel their absolute best. She loves any and all things of variety; color, cuts, makeup, updos, skincare and styling. She especially loves helping her blonde guests achieve their hair goals! Maddie pridesherselfon building a strong and personal relationship with each and every one of her guests and giving them a safe place to vent, brag or just chat about their lives. When she is not in the salon, Maddie enjoys catching up on her movie collection, as shes a self-proclaimed movie buff. She also loves anything outdoors from hiking and camping, to rock climbing and walking with her Golden Retriever.

“Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off.”

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