Getting to know Maddie, the newest Trixies Girl!

Meet Maddie, our newest addition to the Trixies Southside team!

“Hi, I’m Maddie! I’m orginally from Sioux City, IA and currently live in Ames. I went to two years of college in Omaha before attending Xenon Academy in Omaha for cosmetology. I love this industry because my day is always something different and I get to connect with people and make them feel their best!”

Here are 20 fun facts about the “new girl”

1. I am an avid outdoors (wo)man, camper, hiker, and backpacker. I’m always up for an outdoor adventure.

2. I come from a big, blended family of 5 brothers and 1 sister! All equally as outdoorsy! It must be a family thing :]

3. I worked at a dog daycare/dog groomer in college. I’m a self-proclaimed dog expert.

4. I played soccer for 13 years!

5. My celebrity crush is John Krasinski. (Jim from The Office)

6. I have never been able to parallel park. I always make my boyfriend Ryan do it for me. So if it involves parallel parking, just don’t invite me.

7. My drink of choice is either Blue Moon or a vodka-cranberry.

8. My favorite song of all time is Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”

9. My biggest pet peeve is when people put their children on leashes.

10. My favorite food is a quesadilla!

11. My very best friend in the world is my biological brother, Ben.

12. I cry at basically everything. Really happy? Crying. Really sad? Crying. Really mad? I’m crying.

13. I LOVE scary movies! The scarier, the better!

14. 2 of my 10 tattoos are matching with my best friend in Omaha, Julia.

15. I’m biased, but my 3 year old niece, Rose, is the coolest kid around.

16. I am a big Harry Potter nerd! (Proud Hufflepuff!)

17. On my days off, you can find me hanging out with my roommates, having a beer, and playing Settlers of Catan.

18. I did 7 years of choir, showchoir, and voice lessons. So, naturally, I love karaoke nights!

19. Joe Biden is quite possibly my favorite person ever. (All politics aside)

20. I listen to Christmas music year round. Yes, I’m that person.

Be sure to say hello next time you are in if you haven’t had a chance to meet her yet! xoxo

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