Llamas are magical!

Who else is obsessed with Llamas??? Well this Llama Mamma right here is! When we put the idea out there on Facebook that we wanted llamas for a wedding shoot, we couldn’t believe the response. Let me assure you, they’re more magical in person and we instantly fell in loWe couldn’t have asked for a more dreamy day with our beloved animals.Can you say picture perfect?! I still get tears in my eyes when I look at these pictures. Did I mention the models are my handsome son, Colton and his beautiful girlfriend, Allison.

If you haven’t already gathered this, we LOVE LOVE LOVE wedding photoshoots and would be honored to put you together with our dream team and design a photo shoot of your perfect day.
Which picture is your favorite? What theme should we do next?
xoxo, Trixies

Dress:Dame n Maiden
Hair/makeup:Trixies Salon
Camper:Myrtle Mae Smiles
Location:Iris Aisle

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