le rouge.

the Trixies girls have been busy busy busy! our biggest adventure was participating in Art Noir’s biennial Big Hair Ball at the Des Moines Art Center June 1st. we were honored to be chosen as one of seven salons to participate in the runway showcase for 2013! we brainstormed, prepped, and practiced for weeks and what we came away with was an AMAZING experience and grateful hearts for those that helped us make it happen.

the theme for this year was Masquerade: A Forbidden Fairytale. our show was titled le rouge and was our spin on little red riding hood. our choreography was done by the famed Tanya Ogden of Dance FX and a huge shout out to Holly Cummins of Talking Heads Salon for her amazing assistance and help.

thanks to FELS photo and retouch, here are images from the night:

and just incase you wanted to see how happy we were to be finished and watch the show. …. xoxo

**check out our facebook page (AND LIKE IT) for more pictures and and a video of the runway show to let you take a little peak into the world of the show!

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