Karess Carter knows what she likes… and she likes Trixies!

Thank youKaress Carter for your sweet testimonial on your blog after your last visit… you’re too nice. xoxo

“I was involved in a conversation today with some coworkers. One gal mentioned that she just wasn’t happy where she was going. She felt like an after thought and her stylist would book several appointments at once and work on everyone in the same time frame. She didn’t like the way her hair would turn out and overall was feeling defeated.

And then I told her about Trixie’s. Another coworker and I both go to Trixie’s, so we explained to her that she should always be treated like a queen! At Trixie’s, it is pure bliss to get your hair done. First of all, the image consultants make you feel important. They want you to be happy with your hair cut or color! You are never treated like an afterthought! In fact, when you get your hair colored, you get to choose two Aveda treatments while your color is processing. I always get a shoulder massage and the eye treatment. I asked my coworker why she is spending money on something that isn’t making her happy?

I got to go to Trixie’s yesterday. I look forward to my hair appointments because like I mentioned, it is almost like going to the spa for a few hours. I told my image consultant Lisa to do what she wanted. She had ideas and I was ready for whatever. She suggested we add a little more dark color in for fall. And I love it. I feel sassy again!


Trixie’s is the place to go to feel special. Check them out onlineHERE.

And I also want to point out that the owner of Trixie’s has created a nonprofit called Dream Catchers. The goal is to touch hearts of individuals around Iowa. Find out moreHERE.

I adore all of the staffat Trixie’s and I can’t say enough positive things about them and their special salon. Find out for yourself!”

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