Another new face? Get to know Jacob!

“There are new faces around here…” I’ve heard this said many times the past few months from my guests. Yes, there sure are and we are pretty excited about it! Let’s catch up and learn a little bit more about Jacob, a new Image Consultant at Uptown and Southside…

I am originally from Peosta, IA, transplanted to Des Moines in 2012 to attend the AVEDA Institute Des Moines. I’ve been working for AVEDA salons since 2013. I love Aveda because they have such a strong network and are always looking for ways to help others, far and near! I am also an Educator at the AVEDA Institute Des Moines and a Certified AVEDA Color Coach. My favorite services are color; everything from bold transformation to subtle beauty! I am excited to be apart of the Trixies team and be involved in their editorial and philanthropy work. In my free time I enjoy seeing movies, trying new restaurants, and shopping! Here are some other fun facts about me…

1. I grew up on a cattle farm
2. My beard is naturally red

3. I spent my 23rd birthday in Disney world
4. I was a music major before going into cosmetology
5. St. Kilda is currently my favorite brunch cafe
6. My favorite thing to shop for is shoes; I currently have 26 pairs
7. I teach cosmetology at the Aveda Institute Des Moines
8. Ive hiked and backpacked the boundary waters between Canada and USA
9. I have seen the Fourth of July fireworks in New York on the Hudson River
10. I am a middle child; older brother, younger sister
11. I love going to haunted houses
12. My favorite movies are horror movies
13. The home I grew up in was over 100 years old!
14. I have been hypnotized
15. I love to bake and try new recipes
16. My dream vacation would be to Europe, I wanna see it all!
17. My favorite board game is Life
18. My first pet was a guinea pig named Gretel
19. My addiction is coffee
20. My favorite holiday activities are wrapping presents and listening to holiday music!

Jacob is on the Southside on Tuesdays and Uptown on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Book an appointment with him here! Check out his work on Instagram when you get a chance and be sure to say hello sometime soon! xo

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