Jacob visits Malta

Jacob Zauche, Trixies Salon
All aspects of our life revolve around storytelling, from reading children’s books to poems from Shakespeare. For editorial stylists, the story behind the photo is just as important as the hair, makeup, and wardrobe. I’m gonna tell a story about my experience of traveling to Malta with an amazing group of artists; where I not only grew as a stylist, but got to know a strong and inspiring group of individuals. My story of Malta could go on and on for pages, but I’m going to cram all I can into this blog!
Let’s start with a little background on Malta and what this trip meant to me. Malta consists of two islands: Malta(larger and metropolitan) and Gozo(smaller and rural). Both have unique history, recreational activities, and an ocean landscape. Gozo was our home away from home, where we stayed in the quaint and homey Bella Vista Farmhouses. I shared these beautiful homes with 8 other stylists and 2 makeup artists. Our hosts and trip leaders were Heidi @hmgproductions Heggy @heggyhair Brad @bradleo3 and Justin @justinwilliams2959 . All amazing and inspiring artists in their fields and ready to mold our minds and share a wealth of knowledge. Our time was split up into two free days to explore the island to find inspiration, one demonstration day, and two days of photoshooting. For shoot day stylists were paired up to support each other in roles of Stylist and Assistant; this encouraged a strong connect as a team! I found this so important to build a true connection with other artists in my network that support each other either near or far.
Next let’s dive into some the details of our inspirations and styles for both shoots!Day one of shooting took place on Gozo, where we were inspired by the history and romantic scenery. The style of our looks were soft, vintage and romantic. We created natural textures in the hair for lived in looks to fit in with the styling of the clothes. Here are photos to show how the vision came together…

Day two of shooting we travelled to Valletta, on the main island of Malta. Valletta was a larger city with lots of people, larger staircases and more modern touches. This inspired contemporary and edgy looks to flow with the city and diverse culture it contained. Check out more BTS photos ….

Each of these shoots told a story that we as a group created. Each character was an important part, as was each artist involved, for the story can not be told without each person adding their touch and personality. I hope this short story gave you a glance into my work in Malta, and leaves you wanting more!

“Create art for yourself”Heggy Gonzalez

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