its that time of year…

its mid-august: the kiddies are getting their back to school haircuts, the die-hard football fans are counting the minutes to start trash talking, but best of all, its time for the Iowa State Fair. just in case you were curious, here are my top five reasons why i l.o.v.e. the fair…

#5. great music. plus most of it is free and involves day drinking. win!

#4. fried food ON A STICK. priceless… well actually, rather pricey but totally worth it! bacon wrapped corn dog? i mean, come on.


#2. self esteem booster. it may be 115 degrees and you have sweat through your clothes and makeup, not to mention you probably kind of smell like frying oil and animal barns, but lets be honest… there is ALWAYS someone looking way worse than you walking around.

#1. mullet-hunting. this doesnt even need an explanation. best.fair.activity.ever!

if you need me, ill be spending my free time the next week at the hairball concerts, the food triangle, or Stockmans… see you there!


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