its a smokey eye kinda day…

in honor of the lovely weather we are supposed to have today and it being the first day of March, i thought i would make myself up with a little smokey eye today and share it with you all! ill put the before and after pictures and here is what i used (all makeup is Aveda unless otherwise noted): i primed my eye from lashline to brows with balsa concealer – i used a medium sized eyeshadow brush to put the lightest color of golden jasper from lids to brows – same brush with lightest color of twilight on lids only – black tulip in crease and outside corner with blender brush – tiny bit of illumination right under brows and inside corners of eyes – black orchid liner for shape and then smashbox jet black liquid eyeliner over that for intensity – lastly, about three coats of blackest black mascara! … i feel better about today already!

my before eyes.


final product! happy thursday! xo

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