Image Consultant Spotlight: Lisa Keuning

We’re asking our Des Moines based team of stylists to tell us a little more about doing what they love. This week, we ask Lisa Keuning, General Manager and Image Consultant at Trixies Aveda Salon.


Tell us your journey in becoming a stylist.

I took the “traditional” route and got my undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa in Psychology. I convinced myself grad school wasn’t for me at the time and worked a 9-5 instead. I was obsessed with makeup so I checked into cosmetology school. Being the great business people they were, they convinced me to do cosmetology over esthiology (hair and makeup over makeup and skin only). I crossed my fingers that I would be good at it. I wasn’t the girl doing everyone’s hair for prom or anything. I just knew I liked helping people and what better way than to help them feel beautiful?

Did you know you had a passion for beauty from a young age or was it a developed career goal?

I wore makeup at a younger age and definitely had some interesting hair stages, but I am pretty low maintenance in the grand scheme of beauty. However, I knew how much I loved sitting at the beauty shop with my Grandma Coleen growing up, and if I could find a place to work that felt like that but made me money, I knew I’d be happy.

What drew you to becoming a part of the Trixies Aveda Salon team here in Des Moines?

Tricia. I met her while in school at the Aveda Institute Des Moines. From the first time I heard her talk about her dreams and plans for Trixies, I knew where I wanted to be. That sounds cheesy, but you can feel her passion for what she does radiating from her at all times. Trixies was never supposed to be just a salon: it’s a refuge. A place to cry and laugh and do more than hair. It’s a family and we do damn good hair but also great things in the community.

What is your favorite salon and spa service that you provide as a beauty stylist at Trixies?

I love cutting. If I had to go a day without picking up my shears, I would be sad.

Last & Most Important: Did your disney princess personality test ACTUALLY fit who you would have picked?

I am Aurora: the peacemaker. I always score analytical/mediator type personalities. But while I also scored highest as Moana: the reformer, they seem very opposite. Moana is noble and heroic, strong purpose, an advocate for change, does something extraordinary. Aurora is good natured, peaceful, introverted and stubborn. One is comfy and one is longing for more… pretty accurate picture of both sides of me, I’d say!


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